Teresitas Beach

Teresitas Beach

The beach of Las Teresitas is a very well known beach in Tenerife, it is very close to Santa Cruz in the village of San Andrés. It is a beach without a lot of waves thanks to the installation of dikes that attenuate the waves, it is ideal for spending the day with the family and strolling along the shore. It is 1,300 m long and has lifeguard showers and access for the disabled.

In the old days the beach of Las Teresitas was very different from what it is today. It was a black sandy beach, like some of the beaches along the island, and it was not at all calm, as the strong currents of the Atlantic Ocean were noticeable.

The transformation took place in the 1970s. The first step was to protect the beach from the strong waves by building a breakwater and a cut-off step in the sea to prevent the water from dragging the sand that would later be dumped on Las Teresitas. It was later filled with white sand brought from the former Spanish Sahara, no less.

One of the attractions of this beach is that it is only 7 km. from Santa Cruz, a short drive takes you to the beach, which has a large car park. It can also be reached by public transport. The beach has eight beach bars where you can have a drink. You can also go to the bars and restaurants in the village of San Andrés which have a varied gastronomic offer.

It has a wide range of sports: stand up paddle, kayak, snorkelling and you can always swim, run or walk.

In addition, its location makes it a pleasant place to spend a day at the beach all year round.

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