The best antivirus a backup copy

The best antivirus a backup copy

Every day we wake up to news of a new malware (malicious code) attack worldwide and we wonder if it can affect us or only large companies. Although cybercriminals seek to do as much damage as possible by attacking large corporations, unfortunately they can also affect us and make us their victims. 

In addition to the antivirus, our device must be up to date

We live with our devices connected to the global network, i.e. we are part of the network. This means that anyone could sneak into our device and play tricks on us. One of the tools we need to avoid this is an antivirus.

There is a wide variety of antivirus software depending on the operating system you have, some of which are free. The fact that it is free does not mean that it is of poor quality, what happens is that it gives us the basic functionalities for free, which is useful for us to be protected, and then there is the paid one that has many more functionalities if we want.

But it is just as important to have an antivirus as it is to have the software of our operating system updated. All malware (malicious code) is based on vulnerabilities or system failures. Updates or patches are made when the manufacturer discovers the bug and releases the update, which is always free, to fix the bug.

What happens is that if some crook notices the bug before the manufacturer does, he tries to take advantage of that to infect as many devices as possible and profit from it.

The people who do this are not young geeks who know a lot about computers and security, it is a network dedicated to making money illegally. That is why we have to be vigilant and not let our guard down, just as we put an armoured door, intercom or alarm in our house, we must do the same with our devices.

Backup once a week

Despite all our precautions, it can happen that we get infected or that our device physically breaks down, which is called the hardware. In this situation, the only solution is to reinstall everything again or buy another device. This means that everything we had saved: photos, messages, contacts, applications that we use, we no longer have it, we have lost it.

Something even more unpleasant can also happen: we return to our temporary home and discover that our computer has been stolen. If we don't have backups we are left with nothing.

My advice is to back up your smartphone on your computer and then back up your computer. Right now there are pendrives with a capacity of 64GB for 15 euros. I think we can spend 15 euros and make sure that we don't lose the photos of our loved ones, our files or the phone numbers of all the people we are in contact with on a regular basis.

Another possibility is to save these files in the cloud, which are servers external to our network or devices where we can store the files and retrieve them whenever we want from anywhere with an Internet connection. There are several free services with a maximum of GB of storage, and if we want to extend it we pay for it.

I am a fundamentalist of backups, in this case it is better to err on the side of excess than defect and that we remember not having made a backup when it is too late.

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