Located on the southeast side of Tenerife, some 17 kilometres from Santa Cruz, Candelaria is known for its Basilica, which houses the image of the Virgin of Candelaria. A basilica that is always busy and full of pilgrims eager to see La Morenita, the affectionate name by which the Canarians refer to the patron saint of the islands, a fact that generates the visit of more than two million people every year.


At the foot of the Basilica are statues representing the 9 Menceys who ruled Tenerife at the time of the conquest in 1496. The island was divided into nine menceyatos or territories: Abona, Adeje, Anaga, Daute, Güímar, Icod, Tacoronte, Taoro and Tegueste, whose inhabitants were known as the guanches and whose leader was the mencey.

Candelaria has a wide variety of bars and restaurants to choose from, depending on your own personal tastes. There is a promenade where you can appreciate all this gastronomic diversity, from fish and seafood, Canarian food, to fast food, there is even room for more exquisite palates; and, in the same way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the tour, escaping from all your problems.

Close to the basilica is the Ermita de San Blas, this peculiar hermitage has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, due to its historical interest and its connection with the town of Candelaria.

If we continue along the coast we come across the beach of Punta Larga, a black sand beach, with areas of pebbles and coves, located on the seafront promenade of the municipality of Candelaria, where you can sit on a bench and appreciate the spectacular views, or enjoy a refreshing drink with the sea in the background.

It is worth mentioning that as Candelaria is a centre of pilgrimage, every year on the night of the 14th to 15th August a religious march to the site takes place. The pilgrims from Tenerife leave their villages and set out on long walks following different routes. The patron saint festivities commemorate the appearance of the carving of the Virgin on the shores of Güímar in the 14th century.

It is definitely a place to visit if you are on the island of Tenerife.

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