Rambla de Castro and Los Roques

Rambla de Castro and Los Roques

Our proposal is a walk along the Rambla de Castro path that leads us to connect the San Pedro viewpoint with Los Roques beach. The route is suitable for all ages and levels, very easy and perfectly signposted. It takes approximately 2 hours and a half to get there and back, about 8 km without going too fast. We will visit a protected landscape of the island with a great diversity of flora.

The starting point is the Mirador de San Pedro, with a small car park where you can leave your car, but it is advisable to get there early, otherwise you will find that there is no room. Right there is a stone path that we just have to follow.

The first thing we come across is the Casona de Los Castro, an old 16th century house belonging to the family of the Portuguese merchant Hernando de Castro. This house and the surrounding area was a payment for his loyalty to the Crown of Castile during the process of conquest.

Further on we see the Fortín de San Fernando, a small defensive fortress built in the 17th century to protect the whole area from pirates. From the fort, we can see a beach of cayados, which can be reached by a stairway through the cliff.

We continue our route and the next thing we come across is the water elevator of La Gordejuela. It is considered to be the first steam engine in Tenerife. The water was collected from the nearby springs and raised to an altitude of more than 200 metres to be distributed among the banana plantations. The installation did not last many years in operation. But today, it is still a landmark that tells us about the abundance of water in this area and its value for people.

At the end of our route we reach the viewpoint of Los Roques, which are volcanic formations of basaltic lava flows of great beauty eroded by the sea over the years.

From here we can turn back to finish at our starting point. We can have a beer in the restaurant at the viewpoint and enjoy the beautiful views.

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