Rasca Lighthouse

Rasca Lighthouse

The visit to the Faro de Rasca lighthouse is one of the most popular routes for those who want to go hiking in Tenerife. The route has no difficulty at all and runs through the amazing Malpaís de la Rasca, a Special Nature Reserve located in the town of el Palm-Mar. Most of the route follows the sea until you reach the lighthouse. The Punta de Rasca lighthouse is responsible for marking the southern coasts of the island for maritime navigation.


From the start of the route it takes about 45 minutes to reach the lighthouse. It is advisable to wear hiking shoes as the entire route runs through malpaís. A malpaís is a unique landscape formed by the cooling and consolidation of the lava emitted during a volcanic episode. It is a terrain that is only passable on foot, where hardly anything grows and it is impossible to build. It is a field of lava and scoria that looks like an extraterrestrial landscape.

Faro de Rasca is one of Tenerife's seven lighthouses. It was built in 1893 near the town of Palm-Mar, in one of the most arid areas of the island. It is made up of a cylindrical reinforced concrete tower 32 metres high, of standardised design, and painted white with red horizontal stripes.

As the route is close to the coast, it offers a multitude of small puddles that are great for swimming. In addition, we will be able to see several volcanic cones of great scenic value such as Montaña Grande, 153 metres high, and Montaña Caraba, 114 metres high.

After enjoying the route on the way back we can have a beer at the Palm-Mar beach bar. Close to the sea where we can enjoy a spectacular sunset.

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