Red Mountain

Red Mountain

The Montaña Roja is a volcano located in El Médano (Granadilla de Abona), its image is recognisable from different points of the island. At 171 metres high, it is located between the beaches of Leocadio Machado and La Tejita, flanked by a smaller mountain called Bocinegro. The views from the summit are spectacular.

The Montaña Roja Special Nature Reserve is a protected area located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona, with a surface area of 166 hectares it is one of the best examples of inorganic sand habitats on the island where wetlands are also represented.

As it is a protected area, it is very important to follow the footpaths that have been prepared for hiking so as not to erode the different wetlands where you will be able to observe protected birds such as the curious kentish plover.

To access it, you must park your vehicle in either of the two car parks inside the protected natural area. The first is located at the El Tapao curve and the second at the La Tejita beach.

It takes a maximum of 30 minutes from the first car park to the summit. The route is not difficult and is suitable for everyone. There is only one very steep stretch that your legs will feel it, but if we climb it little by little enjoying the ascent when we want to realize we are at the top.

From the top of the mountain we can see the beach of La Tejita in its entirety, as well as Los Abrigos in the background. On the other side the Bocinegro Mountain and the beach of El Médano, in the background the Montaña Pelada. The climb was well worth it.

Montaña Roja also has an aura of mystery because it is a site where UFO sightings have been reported. I would not miss the opportunity to visit it.

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